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Kathie Glass announces bid for third opportunity at Texas' top executive office - Heartland Newsfeed

Kathie Glass announces bid for third opportunity at Texas’ top executive office

AUSTIN (Heartland Newsfeed) — Retired attorney Kathie Glass of Houston, who recently called out Governor Greg Abbott for cronyism and pandering to special interests, announced her bid Monday in hopes of representing the Libertarian Party of Texas for the state’s top executive office in 2018.

Glass, 63, had initially explored a run in September and was at the top of the party’s ticket in 2010 and 2014. She ran for a seat on the Texas Supreme Court last year.

Glass feels 2018 will be the year, as she can draw a coalition of disaffected Republican and Democratic voters as a major push to victory.

“I am a Texan, patriot, wife, mother, lawyer, self-made woman, business owner . . . Washington is broken, and the two party system is corrupt — corrupted by cronyism and special interests,” she said in an interview. “Neither will fix itself. And neither can be reformed from within.”

“With the 2018 governor’s race staring us in the face, I gave serious thought to whether I was up for another run for Texas governor,” she said. “I concluded that the reasons I ran still exist.”

“Governor Abbott is not leading Texas to enforce the Constitution by nullifying unconstitutional federal acts and tyranny,” she said in an earlier interview. “He has not fought against cronyism in Texas government. On the contrary, he has proven himself to be a crony of the highest order. No one who has announced an intent to run for Texas governor even shares these goals and beliefs.”

Glass made an official announcement Monday during a morning press briefing at the Driskill Hotel in Austin.

Jake Leonard is the editor-in-chief of Heartland Newsfeed. He is general manager of Heartland Internet Media Networks and an active contributor to four newspapers for Pana News Group. He also serves as chairman of Tri-Counties Libertarian Party and Capital Area Libertarian Party, deputy candidate recruitment director for the Libertarian Party of Illinois and as chairman/co-founder of the Libertarian Party Millennial Caucus.

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