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Entertainment Roundup: November 4, 2017 - Heartland Newsfeed

Here is your entertainment roundup for Saturday, November 4, 2017. Don’t forget to change your clocks an hour backwards before you go to bed tonight, as Daylight Savings Time ends at 3:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, November 5.

LOS ANGELES (UPI) — Bruce Campbell says there is no chance his Starz series Ash vs. Evil Dead will feature crossovers with any other famous horror characters.

Campbell’s demon-hunter Ash has crossed paths in comic books with the villains from the Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street franchises.

So, is it possible the characters might battle it out on-screen some day?

“No,” the actor and producer recently told reporters at New York Comic Con. “We had a 5-minute conversation with New Line Cinema about Ash vs. Jason vs. Freddy. They approached us. So, they go, ‘What do you think about that?’ And we were like: ‘Great. Ash can kill them both.’ There was a long pause [before they said,] ‘Well, actually, that’s not something that we can entertain.”

Campbell said he and his team ultimately passed on the project because they wouldn’t have any control over characters other than Ash in a proposed collaboration.

“You can’t kill either one, so right from the start, it’s creatively bankrupt. Economically, now you’re splitting the pot with two other partners. Nah, we’re good. So, that’s why fans may not realize sometimes why things don’t happen,” he explained. “The reasons are so simple sometimes. We just didn’t want to go down that road.”

Season 3 of Ash vs. Evil Dead is scheduled to debut on Starz Feb. 25.

This segment was written by UPI writer Karen Butler.

LOS ANGELES — The streaming network Crackle says it has acquired the rights to Federal Offense, a TV movie starring Vacation and Saturday Night Live icon Chevy Chase.

Written by newcomer Connor Martin, the comedy is described in a press release as “a raunchy screwball comedy that centers on three best friends in their 20s who lose a drug kingpin’s stash before finding themselves on the lam from gangsters, bounty hunters and the law after breaking their grandfather out of his nursing home.”

Chase, 74, will play the grandfather. No other casting has been announced yet.

“We’re beyond excited to collaborate with Crackle on this movie,” Courtney Lauren Penn, Boundless Pictures’ founder and producer, said in a statement. “Crackle has their finger on the pulse for an audience that we produce for and we couldn’t be more thrilled to partner with such a great team.”

“From the very first moment we read the script, we knew Crackle was the right home for this project,” added John Orlando, senior vice president of programming and development for Crackle. “Boundless Pictures and Connor Martin are the right team to create a hilarious and fresh comedy that our viewers have come to expect. Not to mention that Chevy is the icing on the cake!”

This segment was written by UPI writer Karen Butler.

LOS ANGELES — Writer-actor Seth MacFarlane announced his sci-fi series The Orville has been renewed for a second season.

“#TheOrville has been picked up for season 2! Thanks to all our awesomely enthusiastic fans who’ve made this happen!” MacFarlane tweeted Thursday.

FOX’s space-travel show co-stars Adrianne Palicki, Scott Grimes, Penny Johnson Jerald, Peter Macon, Halston Sage, J. Lee, Mark Jackson and Chad L. Coleman.

This segment was written by UPI writer Karen Butler.

LOS ANGELES — Playboy Enterprises has halted plans for a biopic of Hugh Hefner after sexual allegations against Brett Ratner, who was planning to direct.

“We are deeply troubled to learn about the accusations against Brett Ratner,” a spokesman for Playboy Enterprises told the Los Angeles Times. “We find this kind of behavior completely unacceptable. We are putting all further development of our projects with RatPac Entertainment on hold until we are able to review the situation further.”

Six actresses, including Olivia Munn and Natasha Henstridge, have accused Ratner of sexual misconduct and harassment.

Ratner has denied the claims.

Earlier reports — based on comments by Ratner himself — said that Jared Leto had been tapped to play Hefner in the film, but representatives for the actor told Deadline that was never official.

“Jared Leto is not and was not attached to a Brett Ratner-directed Hugh Hefner film, nor will he be working with him in the future,” the rep said. “Earlier reports were incorrect and not confirmed by his representatives.”

This segment was written by UPI writer Ray Downs.

NEW YORK — One of two units filming Season 2 of HBO’s sci-fi western series Westworld has ceased production due to an actor suffering from a medical emergency.

The star’s identity — a recurring character on the show — has not been announced.

“Due to a medical emergency involving a performer in a recurring role on Season 2 of Westworld, filming on one of the two units has been temporarily suspended,” HBO said in a statement.

“The cast member was not on set when this occurred, and out of respect for the performer’s privacy, we have no additional details to share, other than that everyone at Westworld sincerely hopes for a quick recovery,” they continued.

The award-winning series is expected to return with Season 2 in Spring 2018. It is unclear if the production delay will affect the premiere date.

This segment was written by UPI writer Wade Sheridan.

NEW YORK — Rapper Fetty Wap was arrested Friday in New York City on 15 charges that include drag racing and drunk driving.

Police reported seeing Fetty Wap, real name Willie Maxwell II, driving his Mercedes car faster than 100 mph in a 50-mph zone while racing another driver, TMZ reported.

Police said the 26-year-old then handed an expired license and failed a field sobriety test, Page Six noted.

Fetty Wap’s other charges include reckless endangerment, driving without a valid license, unsafe lane changing, aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle, following too close and speeding, among others.

Fetty Wap was taken to jail and is expected to post bail.

This segment was written by UPI writer Wade Sheridan.

NEW YORK — An updated edition of the anthology series The Twilight Zone is in the works at CBS All Access.

“All Access will be the home of a new version of one of the most iconic television shows of all time — The Twilight Zone,” Variety quoted Leslie Moonves, chief executive officer of CBS Corp., as saying in a conference call with investors Thursday.

The Hollywood Reporter said Get Out filmmaker Jordan Peele is in talks to produce the series through his Monkeypaw production company, with Marco Ramirez set to write the scripts and act as show-runner.

The original Twilight Zone — a collection of sci-fi and horror stories that featured an array of iconic guest stars — aired for five seasons on CBS from 1959 to 1964. Host Rod Serling wrote or co-wrote most of the show’s 156 episodes.

CBS All Access is the home of the original series Star Trek: Discovery and The Good Fight.

This segment was written by UPI writer Karen Butler.

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