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Salem-area man announces Libertarian campaign for Illinois House District 107

SALEM (Heartland Newsfeed) — With current state representative John Cavaletto not seeking re-election in the 107th House District, a Libertarian has thrown his name into the race. Salem resident Thadeus Freed is seeking to break the two-party stronghold and representing himself as a better voice for the hard-working people of his district.

“I believe people and businesses flourish best when not bled dry through taxation or micromanaged by bureaucrats,” Freed said. “The actions taken by the Illinois General Assembly over the past two years, including a tax hike of over 30 percent for both individuals and businesses, shows a clear disconnect between them and their constituents.”

Freed states that he and his fellow Libertarians want all Illinoisans to enjoy more freedom and choices, adding that the people of his district deserve a representative they can count on to support fiscally-responsible policies, fostering growth and economic prosperity.

Freed mentions that a smaller government can run leaner, leaving more of your earnings where they belong: in your pocket.

In the long run, Freed wants to ensure the 107th District becomes an ideal place to live, work and raise a family.

The 107th District includes portions or all of Marion, Fayette, Effingham, Bond and Clinton counties.

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Salem-area man announces Libertarian campaign for Illinois House District 107