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Spoilers: Character from Season 1 of ‘The Walking Dead’ returns

LOS ANGELES (UPI) — Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead featured the unexpected return of a Season 1 character.

At the end of the hour, Andrew Lincoln’s Rick Grimes is seen fighting members of the enemy Saviors gang on their home turf. Just as he is taking a moment to collect himself after the bloodbath, he is confronted by a man with a gun.

“Your name is Morales,” Rick said as he slowly recognized the man [played by Juan Pareja] with whom he had camped years earlier, shortly after the zombie apocalypse began. Morales, his wife and daughter were last seen peeling off from the main group to go look for surviving members of their family.

They were never heard from again until this weekend when Morales warned Rick: “That was a long time ago. It’s over, Rick. I called the Saviors back and they’re coming.”

A preview for next week’s episode shows Morales telling Rick the Saviors have been warned that he, “the Widow and the King” are prizes not to be killed but rather brought to leader Negan [played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan] to be dealt with. The Widow and the King refer to Lauren Cohan’s Maggie and Khary Payton’s Ezekiel, who are Rick’s allies.

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Spoilers: Character from Season 1 of ‘The Walking Dead’ returns