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N.J. Gov. Chris Christie faces off with Chicago Cubs fan who heckled him

Ray Downs,
United Press International Writer

MILWAUKEE (UPI) — Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey got into a Chicago Cubs fan’s face at Miller Park in Milwaukee Sunday.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie gets in the face of a Chicago Cubs fan following jeers at a baseball game in Milwaukee Sunday. (Image: Sports Illustrated)

A video tweeted by WISN showed the governor holding a tub of nachos as he crouched down in front of a sunglasses-clad Cubs fan. The fan allegedly heckled Christie, telling him he “sucked,” as the Republican governor was walking back to his seat.

The insult then prompted a response from the New Jersey politician.

“You’re a big shot!” Christie says in the video as he straightens up and walks away.

“I appreciate that!” the fan snipes back.

The New York Post reported that Christie was in Milwaukee this week to visit his son, who works for the baseball team.

The face-off was the second time this month Christie got into a baseball incident.

On July 18, Christie was at Citi Field to watch the New York Mets host the St. Louis Cardinals when he caught a foul ball. The crowd booed when they saw who caught the foul.

However, Christie ended up giving the ball away to a child who sat a few rows behind him.

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N.J. Gov. Chris Christie faces off with Chicago Cubs fan who heckled him