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Published On: Sat, Jul 15th, 2017

Hurricane Fernanda not a threat for landfall in Pacific

Eric DuVall
United Press International

ACAPULCO, Mexico/MIAMI (UPI) — Forecasters at the National Hurricane Center said Hurricane Fernanda, a powerful Category 4 storm in the eastern Pacific Ocean, is not a threat for landfall.

A map shows the location of Hurricane Fernanda, a Category 4 storm in the Pacific. Forecasters said it is not a threat to make landfall. (Map courtesy NOAA)

The storm, which has sustained winds of 140 mph, is located a couple hundred miles off the coast of Acapulco, Mexico and is moving west. The storm’s general track is headed toward the Hawaiian Islands, though forecasters said they expect it to weaken in the coming days.

The storm is tracking west at about 13 mph, meteorologists said.

Another area of low pressure to the east of Fernanda over the Pacific could also develop into tropical storm system. Forecasters said there is a 40 percent chance the system could be categorized as a tropical depression within the next 48 hours, and there’s a 60% chance it will reach that status in the next five days.

That system is also moving west and is not a threat for landfall.

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Hurricane Fernanda not a threat for landfall in Pacific