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Published On: Tue, Jul 11th, 2017

Severe storms hit Nokomis area Monday night

NOKOMIS (Heartland Newsfeed/Free Press-Progress/Morrisonville Times) — At approximately 11 PM Monday night, a severe storm impacted the Nokomis area, hitting residents with high winds. The National Weather Service reported that the storm that impacted the area contained severe straight line winds.

Some damage was sustained from straight-line winds and severe thunderstorms that hit the Nokomis area late Monday night. This house on the corner of Maple St. and Capps Ave. sustained some damage as a result of a tree limb dropping on the home. (Photo credit: John Broux/Nokomis Free Press-Progress and Morrisonville Times)

Initial calls to the Montgomery County 911 indicated that many tree limbs and power lines were down. A report of a partial collapse of a residence due to a tree impacting the area in the 900 block of E. Union St. in Nokomis resulted in the transport of an approximate 50 year old female to Hillsboro Area Hospital for assessment of possible injuries.

Nokomis Area Fire Protection District answered several calls, some reported through the Montgomery County Emergency Management Agency (EMA) and also spontaneous calls that were identified as the units began assessment of damages in Nokomis.

Structural damages to buildings included several trees within proximity of several residences in the city and power lines being down, with the entire city being without . The north side of Nokomis is without power. Ameren is presently on scene assessing damage to their power system.

Units from Nokomis Area Fire Protection District, Nokomis Public Works Department, Nokomis Police Department, Nokomis Emergency Service and Disaster Agency, Nokomis-Witt Municipal Area Ambulance Service, Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department and Montgomery County EMA were dispatched.

Initial response actions are concluding, and damage assessment will continue when the sun comes up. Residents are asked not to venture out as there are still trees blocking roads and utility lines that are down in the City of Nokomis and surrounding areas.

In addition to the storm damage, Nokomis had a major water main break that was being repaired when the storm hit. The water main has been repaired. Nokomis and Coalton are under a boil order as service has been restored.

An update from Montgomery County EMA this morning stated Gasparich and volunteers along with members of the Nokomis Area Fire Protection District are conducting a damage assessment surveys of the city. Montgomery County Highway Department is also providing equipment and manpower for clean up of trees that are blocking roadways.

Residents are asked to keep streets open for emergency crews and sightseeing is discouraged. Residents who have damage to their homes should call their insurance companies and TAKE PICTURES of the storm damage before they begin clean-up. Some home insurance policies have a section that can provide for reimbursement for debris clean up at the site of the home. If residents suspect that there may be a fire or gas leak near or in their home while cleaning up debris, leave the residence and call 911 immediately.

Residents should move any “woody debris” that they have on their properties to the curb where the debris can be accessed and removed by public works crews. Do not place any construction debris, damaged appliances or hazardous wastes on the curb. The public works crews can only pick up and remove woody debris.

Storm cleanup is a slow process and crews are working as fast as they can to remove debris but residents should know that the priority for today is to open streets and make them passable.
Ameren and other utility crews are also working in Nokomis today but other areas of the stae were damaged as well so residents are asked to be patient.

Nokomis and Coalton remain under a boil order because of the water main break that occurred in Nokomis yesterday (not storm related). This boil order will remain in place for at least the next two days. Water should be boiled before it is consumed. Water for washing clothes and bathing may be slightly discolored or the water may have an odor to it because of chlorine that is being added to the water to destroy bacteria.

Questions should be directed to Joseph Gasparich, Nokomis Emergency Services and Disaster Agency Coordinator at or (217) 825-7955.

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Severe storms hit Nokomis area Monday night