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Published On: Sat, Mar 25th, 2017

Carbondale Fire Department warns of potential phone scam

CARBONDALE — Carbondale Fire Department and the City of Carbondale are warning local residents to be aware of a potential phone scam involving a caller pretending to work for the department.

City officials said a resident reported receiving a call from someone stating they worked for the fire department and asked if the resident had a smoke detector and fire extinguisher in their home and whether they had an escape plan. The city’s announcement did not state whether the caller tried to sell any products or services to the resident.

Firefighters and fire department employees never call residents to sell products and services. Never release any personal or financial information to callers asking for it. If you have doubts whether a call is legitimate, hang up.

If you receive a similar call, please contact the Carbondale Police Department at (618) 457-3200. For information about protecting yourself against phone scammers, contact the city’s public relations officer, Amy Fox, at (618) 559-1939.

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Carbondale Fire Department warns of potential phone scam